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Multi-functional Dust Suppression Truck

ISUZU Dust Suppression Truck 60m 80m 100m Disinfectant Pesticide Mist Sprayer Tanker Truck

    ISUZU Disinfection Truck 60m 80m 100m Disinfectant Pesticide Mist Sprayer Tanker Truck

    City Disinfectants truck, which uses water mist to absorb dust in the air and dilute the concentration of pollutant particles in the air to achieve the effect of (solid dust, dust reduction, clean and purified air), effectively alleviate the air pollution phenomenon of urban dust particles and can be used in public places (Humidification, cooling, disinfection, deodorization). It can improve air quality, reduce PM10 and PM2.5, and is known as PM2.5 management artifact. At the same time, it can also improve the dust pollution caused by material stacking in industrial and mining operations, building construction and blasting demolition, and can also be used for urban air treatment, pesticide spraying and disinfection.

    Strong skill, long range, strong penetrating power, strong fog particle adhesion, wide coverage, and can achieve precise spraying. Second atomization technology adopts a specific turbine wind assist device to change the wind direction to form an angle with the flow direction of the mist particles to promote full water atomization.

    The supporting diesel generator set is installed on the transportation vehicle with flexible operation, safe and reliable use, remote control and manual control operation, and can control the horizontal rotation spray angle at will.

    High working efficiency and fast spraying speed; when spraying water to remove dust in the yard that is easy to cause dust, when the sprayed fine particles touch the floating dust, a humid mist is formed, which can quickly suppress the dust from sinking , The fogging sedimentation rate can reach 95%.

    ISUZU Disinfection Truck 60m 80m 100m Disinfectant Pesticide Mist Sprayer Tanker TruckTechnical date:
    Chassis configuration: It is produced with the new Duolika D9 series chassis of Dongfeng of China VI, with a wheelbase of 3308mm. The chassis engine Xichai , Dongfeng 5 gear box, China VI emission standard, ABS, original air conditioning.

    Top-loading configuration: the tank volume is 5 cubic meters, the tank body is a round tank, using high-quality Q235 carbon steel, and the tank body is treated for anti-corrosion and anti-rust. The vehicle has all the functions of a sprinkler (front and rear sprinkling, side spray, platform anti-aircraft gun, high-power water pump, one self-flow valve and fire connection, and 2 water pipes), with a large flow water pump as standard, 50-100 meters fog Gun machine.

    Fog gun configuration: CLW-40 30 meters, generator power 8KW, fan power 3KW, stainless steel multistage centrifugal pump power 2.2KW, 100 meters wireless remote control operation. Actual range: The atomization distance is 30 meters, (the atomization range will be affected by various weather factors such as humidity, temperature, wind speed, etc. In addition, part of the dry weather area will be evaporated in the air).
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