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How a Fire Truck manufacture Delivery the truck ?

Time:2023-04-23 Views:157
Chengli Special Automobile Co,.Ltd from CLW Group Delivery the Fire fighting truck To Our Customer , And we (also called fire water truck, fire fighting tanker, water tank fire truck, fire appliance, fire fighting engine, fire-extinguishing water truck, water tender, fire service truck, fire hydrant and fire water tanker) is a vehicle designed primarily for fire fighting operations - to extinguish fire efficiently to prevent fire spread, reducing the loss caused by fire maximumly.The brand we make dongfeng dfac , Sinotruck howo , JAC , FAW , Shacman , ISUZU .

Fire fighting truck can be divided into many types:

1. According to vehicle size, there are mini fire fighting truck, light fire fighting truck, medium fire fighting truck, heavy-duty fire fighting truck.
2. According to chassis drive type, there are 4X2 fire fighting truck, 6X4 fire fighting truck, 8X4 fire fighting truck, and off-road type 4X4, 6X6 fire fighting truck.
3. According to chassis brand, there are JAPAN fire fighting truck, Dongfeng fire fighting truck, Foton fire fighting truck, FAW fight fighting truck, Shacman fire fighting truck, sinotruk fire fighting truck, Mercedes fire fighting truck, etc.
4. According to fire agent, there are water tank fire fighting truck, dry powder fire fighting truck, water/foam fire fighting truck.

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