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Water Tank Truck

FAW 12 Wheels 20cbm J6P Water Tank Truck

    FAW 12 Wheels 20cbm J6P WATER TANKER Truck

    The water tanker truck is mainly used for water transportation, road sprinkling, plant watering, etc. The water tank truck is consisted of chassis, Q235 water tank, front, side and rear sprinkler nozzle. Also , the rear of the water truck is equipped antiskid platform with water cannon. The water cannon can rotate 360 degree and the water flow can be adjusted to mist, light rain, moderate rain, heavy rain, etc. The spraying width of chengli water tank truck is more than 15m and the cannon range is more than 25m.

    Automatic air conditioning, the front of the protective device, 400L steel tank, iron bumper, efficient single air filter, the cab after the two-point screw spring suspension, manual hydraulic lifting device, suspension for the former more / after more FAW 12 Wheels 20cbm J6P WATER TANKER Truck

    Technical Date:
    Overall (length*width*height) 10770*2495*3530
    Gross weight(kg) 25000
    Kerb weight kg 10280
    Rate load weight kg

    Engine Model


    350 hp
    Displacement 8.6 L
    Torque 1400N.m
    Wheel base 5800+1350mm
    Transmission Model CA10TA130M 10 speed
    Clutch ф430
    Cab J6P Full-floating high-top big row of semi-cab, LCD instrument, electric glass movements, manual rearview mirror, driver‘s seat for the mechanical vibration damping seat
    Rear Axle ф457
    Gear ratio 4.111
    Frame 270×75×(7+5)mm
    Tire 12R22.5 16
    About tank 20m3,Single warehouse, with pump, 2.0-inch outlet, with platform water cannon

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